Independent Escorts in Bangalore
Sex and escorting is our business, and business is good! ! !

I was 22 when I started to do sex for money and I did belong to a respected family down in my native place and did have a decent family back ground of father and mother.

Circumstances and time made me do this and still today I never dreamt i would have become an escort in Bangalore and  did do this for free with my so called friends and why the hell do it for free when you can make your daily bread  out of it.

Hell broke loose when my next kin and family knew about it and I was way too ahead of them deep into escorting in Bangalore to come out of it.

Yes Money and life style was one factor and survival was a matter of concern while i have a family to support at the tender age of 22 and i have ailing mother and a sister who expect myself to take care of them.
Money rules this world and the power to gain money is disrespect and survival of the fittest in this world.
Today I am here as an escort in Bangalore in a respect full society.and I prefer living my life as an escort in Bangalore the more dignified way to live a life.

What are my clients about ?

Almost all my clients were middle class and were trying to enter the world of fantasy with their little Income and  Some were corporate class who would not like to miss the good things life had to offer.
Mostly they were successful and almost all had this quote to say

“Life is short and is to be enjoyed to its best"

“The real purpose of life is to live it, to taste and experience the best and to reach out without fear for newer  and richer experience.”

And my clients In their pursuit for newer and better experience they keep searching for newer girls and it is  Addictive and a never ending story! !

The best of my clients are successful entrepreneur’s business man and corporate gurus and a equal mix of middle aged  and old age and mostly they are above 40 and very few are drug users and alcoholics and abusing themselves and  Their hard earned cash.

They do take extra precaution in ensuring the privacy factor and almost all of them are married or committed and   Were committing the mistake of seeing an escort in pursuit of happiness and in exploring the best life had to  Offer.

Drug users and Alcoholics were alike and were losers in the end in spending time and money and a lady had to be tasted with all full senses and supplements to the same can be drastic.

When time and money is spent on anything for that matter it is a must that we enjoy all of it with our full  Conciseness and most of the alcoholics who we see in our daily business life as an escort were not getting what they pay for and end up losing their money.

A lady is like a flower and a fascinating food and had to be explored to fullest.

Escorting and alcoholism as an addiction

Seeking an Escort is certainly an addiction and can be dangerously addictive and can lead to money lost and the only reason our clients keep repeating the mistake is their addiction and this can cause lots of confusion in their family life and this addiction can be related to the Alcoholism and drugs abusiveness.

We do want to have a purpose in our life and we understand in clarity a situation where even in the past there was  devadasi system and escorting was prevalent in the olden days.
We do assist in curtailing the frustration in a man and if any day our services as an escorts in Bangalore are  Curtailed or stopped there can be more events of molestations and rapes in that particular region.

The only cure to this escort addiction can be self control and the concerned family affection.
Do you think drug use or that volatile lifestyle ever got in the way of their jobs?
We do have good money and a decent life style on other peoples addiction and we never are guilty on what we do as  an  Escort and we do have our own way of thinking on this particular question.

Why do you want to be an escort?

If an escort never existed in this world there could be enough rapes and molestation in this world.
A Man's only way to release his sexual frustration is to seek an anonymous lady to get released of all his fantasy.
A Man last wish is reveal all his fantasy to his better half or his wife and we have understood this from all our  Experience of being an escort in Bangalore.
A man can never be loyal to any women for that matter of concern on what so ever circumstances.
A wife has to be a prostitute in bed and a mother to his man which is practically impossible.
Any successful man will certainly have to hire our services to fulfill his fantasy needs.

We do have the sense of responsibility and had advised and assisted a lots of our men and clients in coming over this addiction of escorts in Bangalore.

 And for the rich and famous who are ready to pay that extra for the finest that the world had to offer and it is  just that money which is a tool for them to buy and those who are ready to offer and  the best grab the opportunity in taking that money out of the rich and famous.

There are enough people in this world who have the stinking hard earned money and have the intention to pay for the  best of the services and we as an escort try and use that opportunity to satisfy and get paid for our services.

The succefull people expect the best and are quite open in paying for the best and utilize their rest times or  Holidays in getting the best in the Market.

The Clients are like the honey bees and we are the flowers and the honey has to be the best to attract the honey bee and the Honey bees are starved on a daily basis in seeking the best nectar.

We do live in a descent life style out of the money we make and have to spend equally in keeping our life style in  par to the clients standards and spend a lots in gadgets and clothes and while we are meeting our clients in the best of the hotels in the city.

What fascinates us as an escort in Bangalore is while we see new people and new personalities on a daily basis and all are not straight in bed finish and run sort of people and most of the successful people are clients who would like  to socialize themselves and then down to business.

And most of my clients are my best friends still and do occasionally take my our for a party and socializing events  and we are down to earth business partners and we understand the vibes better and get down to business only when  the need arises and no free bees to anybody here and even if it is an long time client.

We know our clients personal problems business matters and sometimes their intimate issues and they do discuss it  with us and we personally feel we are healers in disguise and perfectly understand the stage where are stand and do the role play accordingly and once the act is over we quit the make up.

It is a stage and we as escorts in Bangalore know the limitations of the drama and do our role accordingly to the  need of the hour and respect the fellow actors feelings and do our role to the perfect finish.

We keep moving in our life similarly on day basis and every day moves on as a beautiful day dawning in our life.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore
Bangalore City Of Angels ! !
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore Laugh and the world laughs with our self.
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore  Weep and we weep alone in solitude.
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore inherited and adapted enough value added to our selves
So we get a sale pitch Instantly ! !
WIndependent Escorts in Bangalore have the dexterity to sell our selves to any satyromaniacs
And here we get lost with the world
The echoes from the world that bounces on us lashes us as
An Prostitute
Call Girl
And we Independent Escorts in Bangalore shrink and crave from a voicing care.
When we Independent Escorts in Bangalore rejoice and all men will seek us.
And When we Grieve and cry and they turn and go.
All Men needs is want is leisure and pleasure and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are hired for the hour and fired when a man is complete with his fantasy.
And When we Escorts in Bangalore cry in loneliness and they turn their backs and go.
And Men do not need your woe.
Be we Escorts in Bangalore are glad we have friends and colleagues in this escorting business
WEscorts in Bangalore are bereaved with the axiom that we lost a family life of our own.
This World cannot decline my nectared wine,
But Escorts in Bangalore are left alone to drink life’s gall.
And no man can abetment us in dying and Man can furtherance us in living a life.
When we Independent Escorts in Bangalore  Feast and dance in merry our homes are crowded with men.
And we Independent Escorts in Bangalore live a life of sharing the joy with all.
And we fall as Angels in narrow aisles of pain one by one.
We are born in this Planet as aliens to share the joy ! !


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