Independent Escorts in Bangalore

06/02/2016 11:00
Escorting and Man
A man ego needs constant stroking and each of his task had to be appreciated now and then and every success of a man had to be trumpeted with loudest noise and a man is a baby when comes to be handled by an able women and that's why we women cook and men are fit to be chefs and they do the hard work and we women steal the laurels.
A man seeks an escort not only for sex but to trumpet himself to a women and it is not just sex he seeks with a women and it a bond he tries to build with an escort to regain himself as a man.
It is matter of pride to a mans ego to get the feeling of sleeping with more women and the number counts and keeps increasing until the day he realizes how his hard earned money slipped out of his pocket
An man search for an Independent escort starts with loneliness and loneliness allures the man to seek enlightenment and on his pursuit to seek the best he seeks an escort to over come his loneliness and above than being lonely a man seeks an escort in being rejected or seeking more fun out side his regular family life.
A man seeks an Independent escort on his success and rewards his hard labor with the best things world may offer.
A man seeks an Independent escort to revenge his family who had not been considerate to himself.
A man seeks an Independent escort to quench his lustful fantasies.
A man seeks an Independent escort to mascot his manliness and his power of money.
A man seeks an Independent escort for his addictive behavior for a women
A man seeks an Independent escort to muscle his thoughts on empowering the women.
The act of being romantic on the hired times with a client is all acting and sex is just an act of physical contact to help the man come down on his lust and a women is hired specifically to bring down the fire and lust in him and all actions that may occur on hired time will cease once the time is over and we continue our job of escorting in the most professional way.
Life without sex is much pretty though but a women is more adorable when she is a sex object and it is the sexual Instincts that makes her more adorable and man how so ever seems to be smart or wise is not what he portrays himself to be and a world without sex is a bore some anthill.